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GIFT is a global network that facilitates dialogue between its stewards and partners from governments, civil society organizations, international financial institutions and other stakeholders to find and share solutions to challenges in fiscal transparency and participation. It works through advocacy and high-level dialogue, peer-learning and technical collaboration, research, and tech for participation.

1) Advocacy

GIFT works to harmonize the normative architecture of fiscal transparency norms & standards, for example by launching the High-Level Principles of Fiscal Transparency (endorsed by the United Nations), and the Guide on Principles and Mechanisms of Public Participation in Fiscal Policies, with the goal of promoting public participation in the budget process.

2) Peer-Learning

GIFT facilitates workshops for peers from around the world to share experiences and solutions, ensuring a dialogue between budget officials and civil society. For example, in the framework of the Open Government Partnership (OGP), GIFT provides technical cooperation for the adoption and implementation of OGP fiscal transparency commitments.

3) Knowledge And Experience Sharing

GIFT’s evidence-based research documents the impact of fiscal transparency and participation to gain a comprehensive understanding and share knowledge and practical experience in accessible formats ready for implementation. Examples include a thorough review of all known evidence of fiscal transparency impact and lessons of participation in the budget cycle. From research, knowledge and experience sharing, GIFT has created in 2020 the Fiscal Data for Emergency Response Guide (COVID-19).

4) Tech for Participation

GIFT facilitates the use of technology for open and inclusive fiscal processes, for example by supporting countries launching fiscal portals and by developing tools like the Open Fiscal Data Package for easy publication, visualization and analysis of budget data, and the Tutorial on Fiscal Transparency Portals.

For information on how to engage with GIFT, the Lead Stewards and/or the GIFT streams of work, please contact us through Juan Pablo Guerrero ( or write to

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